Diversey’s SURE® plant-based cleaning solutions receive Cradle-to-Cradle GOLD certification

Dec 10, 2020


Utrecht, The Netherlands – December 2020 – Diversey is proud to announce that GOLD certificates have been issued for its SURE products by the Cradle-to-Cradle Products Innovation Institute

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Cradle to Cradle Certified™ is a globally recognized measure of safer, more sustainable products made for a circular economy. To receive certification, products are assessed for environmental and social performance across five critical sustainability categories: material health, material reuse, renewable energy and carbon management, water stewardship, and social fairness. A product is assigned an achievement level (Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum) for each category. A product’s lowest category achievement also represents its overall certification level. The standard requires certification renewal every two years.

SURE is a complete range of vegetable-based detergents and disinfectants/sanitizers for everyday cleaning and hygiene needs for kitchens, facilities, and personal care. SURE products contain plant-based ingredients that are typically derived from by-products of the agro-food industry, originating from sugar beet, maize, straw, and coconut.

GOLD certificates have been issued for the following listed certified products associated with the names: SURE® – Surface Cleaners[1], SURE® – Personal Care[2] and SURE® - Professional Use[3].

Diversey launched SURE in 2015 in collaboration with Salveco® as a new range of plant-based, 100% biodegradable cleaning solutions for kitchens, facilities and personal care. SURE solutions are available in 0,75L, 1L bottles, 5L canisters and also in the unique dosing and dispensing systems of SmartDose™, QuattroSelect, Divermite™, Soft Care Line and IntelliCare.


Product assortment is subject to local availability, liaise with a Diversey Representative for more information.

Media Contacts:

Antoine Rocourt, Exec. Director Marketing Kitchen, Fabric Care & Sustainable Development | antoine.rocourt@diversey.com

Andrea van Leeuwen, Communications Manager | andrea.van-leeuwen@diversey.com


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​Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM is a registered trademark of the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.​
[1]  SURE® – Surface Cleaners: SURE Hand Dishwash; SURE Interior & Surface Cleaner; SURE Cleaner & Degreaser / Washroom Cleaner; SURE Washroom Cleaner & Descaler; SURE Glass Cleaner; SURE Floor Cleaner; SURE Grill Cleaner; SURE Toilet Cleaner
[2] SURE® – Personal Care: SURE Antibac Hand Wash; SURE Antibac Hand Wash free; SURE Antibac Foam Hand Wash free; SURE Instant Hand Sanitizer; SURE Instant Hand Sanitizer free; SURE Hand Wash; SURE Hand Wash free
[3] SURE® - Professional Use: SURE Cleaner Disinfectant; SURE Cleaner Disinfectant Spray; SURE Ice & Shake; Suma Shake